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Wands – A Summary

To start off, I’ll go over some basic correspondences for the Suit of Wands.

Other names for the Suit includes; Staves, Batons, Staffs, Sceptres, Rods and Clubs.

In a deck of playing cards, the Suit of Wands relates to the Suit of Clubs.

The element associated with the Suit of Wands is fire. Fire is hot and burning, it can aid us, or it can destroy us.

The Suit of Wands relates to us, our personality, our desires, our will. Our consciousness and our spirituality. And the Wands gives us information and advice relating to that. Much like fire, we can help ourselves, or we can destroy ourselves.

Wands are a suit that indicates action, something to be done or something being done, Wands are not an idle suit. They can suggest that change is afoot. They can advise you need to take a bold step forward or can warn you when you are moving too fast and maybe acting impulsively or without forethought.

When the Suit of Wands is referring to a person, it is likely someone who is a fire sign, a Leo, a Sagittarius or an Aries.

Now, we’ll go over the story of the wands. I’ll not go into too much detail about each individual card as there will be pages for the cards separate. This post is an overview of the Suit as a whole and the story of the cards.

Starting with the Ace of Wands, who is full of desire and creative ideas. Alongside a strong will they have the essential parts of creating anything.

The Two of Wands holds the world on their hands, and now that they have the idea they can start planning and preparing.

The Three of Wands looks ahead after the initial planning to any obstacles and risks while maintaining their course.

The Four of Wands shows a time of celebration. After the hard work, it is time to be publicly recognised for their success.

Five of Wands tells us that even after celebrating the journey isn’t over. A rival has stepped onto the scene, and although intimidating, it is likely more for show than for actual harm.

After Five comes the Six of Wands, a celebration of victory over the rival, Six fought hard and came out on top, making them deserving of recognition.

Seven of Wands, however, reiterates that though a battle is won the war is not yet over. Seven must keep control and keep their defended up as following Six’s victory more rivals are stepping out of the shadows.

Following the defence of seven comes Eight of Wands. Eight is full of energy and ready to make a move. Bit Eight must make sure not to waste all that energy, much like an arrow they must be swift and sure, making decisions quickly.

The Nine of Wands energy is drained after the rapid action of Eight. However, Nine still needs to be resilient and push onwards for that last stretch. Victory is close, but Nine is close to exhaustion.

Finally, for Ten of Wands, they have worked the Ace’s idea into fruition. The journey appears to be over, and Ten now must carry the reward home. However, the higher the reward, the greater the Ten’s burden. Ten may feel that they have too much responsibility and feel overwhelmed and overworked.

The Page of Wands though follows on from Ten’s victory with a fresh new idea and is ready and free to explore new and creative projects. Seemingly shedding the burdens of Ten as they go.

The Knight of Wands then plunges into action. They manifest action and is passionate about getting it done. However, the Knight man throw caution to the wind to achieve their goals.

The Queen of Wands, however, is a determines leader who has learnt from the lessons I’d die previous cards, to be patient and courageous. Many see the Queen as a natural leader in creative projects.

Finally, the King of Wands leads and inspires others. Using the lessons before allows him to lead others in helping him create his vision. Using the desire and ambition of the Ace, the action of the Knight, alongside the skills of the other cards to ensure his vision is created exactly as he wants.

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