Hey there;

Nice to meet you; my name is Calla. This is the about section so I suppose I should tell you some interesting things about myself.

  • I’m 19, born in March and I’m a Pisces.
  • I have two sisters, an older and a younger.
  • I’m a history nerd.
  • I like all kinds of music, I’m not fussy.
  • I like the colours, blue, green and teal.
  • I’m a huge scaredy cat.
  • I’m short and mostly accept it.
  • I have a thing for coffee and teas.
  • I like candles.
  • I can’t get any tattoos or piercings because I have a skin condition so I cut my hair and dye it funky colours instead.
  • I’m still trying to figure myself out.
  • I like reading and writing.
  • I’m hoping to get back into writing again.

I suppose there are lots of other things but I think I will try to update this as I go.