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Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana follows a similar design as playing cards, an Ace, numbers 2-10, then there is the Page, the Knight, the Queen and the King.

There are four suits, Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each suit relates to a different aspect of your life;

Wands = Creativity and will.

Cups = Emotions and intuition.

Swords = Reason and intellect.

Pentacles = Material possessions and money.

Now for many people, myself included, it can be a little difficult to remember the cards and their meanings. The best way I found was to, much like with the major arcana, follow the story and journey of the cards from the Ace through to the King.

In my personal experience, some of the suits were easier to see the story than others.

So to make it easier to understand and to find, I’ll be going through each suit individually and sharing my personal interpretation of the journey and story of each suit.

I also plan on having a page to discuss the similarities between the cards across the suits. For example, the Ace’s usually correspond to new beginnings of some sort, but I’ll get into that more on a different page.

Although I would like to preface that not only is this my interpretations but that the card meanings and ‘story’ vary depending on the deck as well as the reader who is interpreting. This may be where the belief that decks have a personality comes from,  whether that is something you believe or not is up to you. playing devil’s advocate I could argue both sides, I have an oracle deck that is jumpy and energetic, or it’s just because I am a somewhat clumsy shuffler due to having small hands mixed with the vivid bright colours of the cards.

In my unprofessional opinion, tarot can be very subjective and very personal, so while I am researching (and as always will include sources at the bottom of posts in my usual format) a lot of this is my opinion. If my opinion helps you learn and create your own opinion and interpretation then my job here is done. While this blog is an online depiction of my journey and my learning of my beliefs if while I do this I help someone else learn something is a huge bonus.

I do believe I’ve rambled on enough for just now, so I’ll leave it here.

Image source X (Licensed from Adobe Stock)

I hope your day is as pleasant as you are.



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