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Pentacles – A summary

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card. Golden shield with a pentacle in the centre, floating on one hand and crowned by a star.

The Suit of Pentacles is the topic today, containing a summary of basic correspondences of the suit and a story of the cards in the suit. To help understand the cards and how they can relate to each other.

The Suit of Pentacles may also go by names such as coins, disks, stones or shields.

In a playing card deck, the Suit of Pentacles relates to the suit of Diamonds.

The Suit of Pentacles element is earth. The earth is the foundation of life; everything can grow and develop from the earth. The earth is grounding and consistent, and it is reliable and firm. The earth is stable and nurturing; it can hold and support buildings and is soft enough to allow the smallest of seeds to grow.

The earth element can passively be seen in every aspect of life and influence us in countless ways.

The Suit of Pentacles relates to the material and physical world. As the earth provides what we need to survive, so can the Suit of Pentacles. The Pentacles relate to money, possessions or our careers – however, it also relates to family, fertility and health. Pentacles remind us to be resilient and grounded and not be afraid of hard work and physical labour – and don’t be scared to get your hands dirty and get stuck into whatever you are working on! The pentacles relate to our physicality, bodies, and the world around us. We are told about successes and prosperity for the aspects previously discussed, not just financially. However, the Pentacles can also warn us of greed, health concerns and obstacles.

When the Suit of Pentacles discusses a person, it may relate to an Earth Sign, a Taurus, a Virgo or a Capricorn.

Now let’s get into the story:

We start with the Ace of Pentacles, which brings a new opportunity. An opportunity for the material world specifically. The Ace is here to plant a seed, a new idea, a new career or a new approach to their health. All around them is the colour green telling them to go for it. The Ace just has to be open to the opportunity presenting itself to them and be prepared to act on it.

The Ace took advantage of the opportunities before them, but the Two of Pentacles find themselves juggling their commitments. Two is hyper-focused on their balancing act – trying to balance everything in their life. However, due to their focus, life seems to be passing Two by; they need to remember to be more fluid and to be able to switch priorities and their focus readily. Two needs to take a step back, pause, reorganise and plan ahead. Two may succeed at their balancing act – but even a small change may knock everything out of place.

Following Two’s lesson in planning and reorganisation, Three of Pentacles has realised that they may need some help to be successful. They have the skills and contacts needed to succeed, and they are ready and eager to get started, but Three needs to make sure they continue Two’s planning as they move forward and have more to balance. The Ace sparked the idea, Two balanced their other priorities, and Three is prepared to get the ball rolling.

Now that Three has taken the dive, Four is concerned about how much this endeavour may end up costing them. The Four of Pentacles can often be described as a penny pincher or be seen as clinging to their money. They may be digging their heels in or have firmly planted their feet and are unwilling to move forward. Stubborn is the best word to describe the Four of Pentacles. However, Four must remember the lesson of Two, balance! Because while they may be grounded in their stance – and appear stable, the ground they are stood on may not be as stable as it appears. Four finds themselves constantly thinking and worrying about money and financial concerns – but they forget to ask themselves how much is enough? Four is actually financially stable, despite their concerns. However, they need to remember that there is little reward without risk.

Four’s fears were not unfounded and have come true for the Five of Pentacles. Five is going through a difficult time, especially surrounding work, career, finances and material possessions. The cold, barren landscape they have found themselves in makes Five feel alone and abandoned. Five wonders why no one is coming to help them. However, Five must remember that it is okay to reach out and ask for help – in fact, it is likely the only way for Five to get out of this situation. Alternatively, Five’s situation may not be about financial insecurity. It may be their health that is the concern. Regardless of the concern, the advice for Five remains the same – don’t be afraid to ask for help – even if it seems that the door is closed, don’t be afraid to knock on it.

The Six of Pentacles has more than recovered from Five’s hardship and now has great wealth. They can now give back or forward the kindness and charity given to Five. Six can provide for others without risk to themselves; this may be financial support and time, energy, labour, or other forms of support. Six is wealthy enough to provide that support. However, Six may be the one receiving the charity, perhaps Five reached out, and Six is now receiving the support Five needed. This support will be more than enough to get them back on their feet and then be in a position to pay it back/forward as needed. Six represents financial harmony – money going in and money going out is balanced. Six is grateful for this balance.

Following Six’s balance and passing forward, Seven can understand the importance of hard work and long-term planning. The Seven of Pentacles is taking a breather and stepping back to evaluate their progress. They look back to see how far they have come and how far they still have to go. It’s the long-term planning that stops Seven from eating the fruits of their labour right now. Instead, they look at what they have accomplished and think about what they still have to look forward to. Seven follows from Six’s climb from hardship and prepares for the future through investing – whether financially, emotionally, or their time varies. Seven is a reminder that hard work will pay off.

After Seven’s break, Eight is back to work. The Eight of Pentacles is working on an apprenticeship or a mastery. They are working hard to improve themselves, and they have their head down to focus on whatever they are learning. Eight has stepped away from distraction to work towards mastery of their craft – whatever that craft may be. Eight requires a lot of focus and dedication to succeed, but they will persevere. Eight must remember to pay attention – even to the smallest of details. They are fully committed to achieving whatever they put their mind to – and with hard work and effort, they are fully capable of it. Whatever Eight is working towards will benefit them in some way in the future.

After Eight’s hard work, Nine can enjoy the fruits of Eight’s labour. The Nine of Pentacles is ready to enjoy money, leisure and material comforts. They are ready to splurge! Nine has a sense of security and freedom that comes with material wealth. Nine is financially independent and has created a luxurious lifestyle through hard work. Nine is also in harmony with their environment – they appreciate nature’s beauty and abundance. Nine may take time to try gardening or floristry or take walks to enjoy nature. Nine still has work to do to improve their life, but overall, most of the Pentacles struggle has been rewarded.

Following Nine’s success, Ten has reached a time of completion and accomplishment. The Ten of Pentacles has accumulated a lot of abundance through their career, investment and stable home life. Ten’s hard work and dedication is what led to their success. Ten is proof that everything will work out for the best. Ten does not want for anything and are very grateful for what they have. They want to share their wealth – they worked hard and want to support others so they may succeed as well. Ten remember Five’s struggle and Six’s charity and want to continue this energy. Ten cares greatly for their family and is deeply connected to their heritage, ancestry and tradition. Ten has worked consistently and hard to ensure their legacy will stand for years to come.

The Page of Pentacles follows from Ten’s accomplishment. The Page comes with a new idea and is in the initial stage of a new project. The Page is an avid student and aims to learn the skills they need to succeed with this new project. The Page shows that anyone can learn new skills and work on a new project. The Page takes time to take a class or develop a new skill. Much like Eight, the Page is determined, focused, and can see things through. The Page makes detailed plans for the future, breaking it all down and laying it out. In doing so, they are laying out the foundations for the future, and thanks to Ten, they can do so.

Now that the Page has set out the foundation, the Knight of Pentacles takes over. The Knight is hardworking and diligent and not afraid to get their hands dirty. The Knight is prepared and willing to take care of the daily grind – having the patience necessary to accomplish his responsibilities. They are reliable and diligent; they are trustworthy and see tasks through. Working efficiently and with loyalty, they don’t leave things unfinished. However, the Knight must take care not to become a perfectionist and risk it spreading to other areas of their lives. The Knight keeps moving forward, making slow but steady progress – and they see no need for change. Using a tried and true method works perfectly for them.

The Knight’s daily grind has paid off with the Queen. A successful maternal figure who works and takes care of the home. Adapting the Knight’s tried and true methods to ensure a smooth-running household. The Queen of Pentacles is someone to turn to – always ready to help. But don’t mistake the Queen for just a maternal homebody – she has all the knowledge of this Suit, and she is a successful businesswoman. She plans business ventures and sees them executed perfectly. However, she doesn’t need to brag; instead, she keeps her financial situation quiet and private. But have no doubt she is self-sufficient and careful; she is a self-made woman and wants to see others succeed. She is willing to guide and support those who come to her for advice.

Much like the Queen, the King is eager to support those around him. The King of Pentacles is a provider and protector to those he sees falling under his care. He aims for each of those he cares for to reach success, and he is there to support them however he can. Even if that support or advice is unwanted or critical. He built his life from effectively nothing and has learnt all of the lessons the Suit of Pentacles has to offer. He is prepared to educate those he cares for – even if they don’t want those lessons. The King still uses the tried and true methods of the Knight, and as it worked so well, he is not inclined to take risks or try new methods.

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