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Swords – a summary

The Suit of Swords is the topic of this post, to start us off we’ll go over some basic correspondences.

Other names for the suit of Swords include; Knives, Daggers and Blades.

In a deck of playing cards, the suit of swords is related to the Suit of Spades.

The element most commonly associated with Swords is Air. Air is unseen but felt – it can be almost unnoticeable – a gentle breeze or a howling gaze.

The Suit of Swords relates to our minds and intellect. Like a sword can be a double-edged blade, so can our thoughts. Balance is essential for Swords, as well as our minds, a balance between our intellect and our emotions. It’s all a balancing act for the Suit of Swords.

Like air is in constant motion, so are our minds. The Suit of Swords can be seen as an action suit. Swords are most commonly associated with action and conflict – this association leads to many feeling that the Suit of Swords can cut straight to the heart of the issue – cutting or carving out the truth for all to see. The Suit of Swords relates to mind over matter.

When the Suit of Swords is referring to a person, it is likely referring to someone who’s Astrological sign is an Air sign, such as Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

To start the story of the Suit of Swords is the Ace of Swords, full of potential with a sharp mind and raw strength. Victory is easily within their grasp. However, a sword can be double-edged depending on how it is used. The Ace must take caution with how they use their power.

Despite all of the Ace’s raw strength and potential, the Two of Swords must make a decision. The Two faces a crossroads; only one path can be taken – one closes the other – and Two feels indecisive. Blindfolded, Two is blind to some if not most of the information surrounding their options. They may feel as though they are picking blindly or at random. Regardless, Two must make a decision and choose a direction.

The Three of Swords suffers from that decision. Suffering and heartbreak consume Three. Lonely, rejected and betrayed are just some of the feelings of Three. However, sometimes it is moments of grief that allows Three to truly see and understand their inner strength.

After the heartbreak and pain of Three, the Four of Swords feels that they deserve a rest. Now is the time for Four to begin healing and moving on from the anguish of Three. Four knows that to move on from grief, they must first stop and look within themselves first.

The Five of Swords feels rested after Four and is now ready to take on the world. Five is Full of ambition and will win at any cost; Five is not afraid to be sneaky and play dirty to get what they want. Five does not care if what they have done leaves lingering resentment from their rivals – so long as they win, nothing else matters. Five is not considering any long term consequences of their actions, just the short term rewards.

Six of Swords, however, seed the consequences of Five’s actions and is prepared to leave it all behind and start over. Six still feels the lingering pain of Three and despite Four’s attempts to heal – sometimes the only way to truly heal and move on is to leave the situation altogether. Six is ready to move on and transition into a happier, healthier place.

However, Seven of Swords shows that they are still not perfect. Ready to lie and deceive others to achieve their ambitions. Or perhaps Seven will turn a blind eye to deceptions so long as it benefits them in the long term. Seven is a tricky devil and must heed warnings of consequences.

The Eight of Swords is being restrained and trapped. They have been blindfolded and feel powerless. Eight feels like they never saw this coming. However, eight is a master of self-victimisation. Eight doesn’t think that they did anything wrong – it’s not their fault Seven was involved in deception and trickery.

The Nine of Swords also feels trapped. Nine is full of anxiety and hopelessness; they suffer nightmares and stress. There may not be a specific situation causing this, but Nine still feels the sword hanging above their head – ready to drop any minute.

The Ten of Swords sees Nine’s anxieties bear fruit. Unlike Eight, Ten truly is the victim of events outwith their control. Ten’s defeat is swift; it is unexpected and feels like a betrayal or being stabbed in the back. Unlike Eight, Ten truly did not see this coming up behind them.

Out of the ashes of Ten’s defeat comes the Page of Swords. Full of enthusiasm and positivity, the Page is restless and raring to get started on their fresh new idea. Ready to embark on a mental journey, Page will discuss with anyone willing to listen.

The Knight of Swords is overwhelmed by the power of the Pages idea. The Knight powers ahead as quickly as possible – filled with the ambition and drive to get things done. However, the knight must take care to consider the consequences of his actions as well as obstacles and risks he may face.

The Queen of Swords, however, calculates the risks meticulously. Sometimes seen as cold-hearted, this is a woman who has seen it all. This is the kind of woman who does not suffer fools, willing to discard things that she doesn’t need without much fuss. She is also organised and brilliant analyst.

The King of Swords has a razor-sharp intellect and clarity of his mind. Like a sword, he cuts through deception with ease and is a pillar of truth and authority.

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