The Basics

Magic pot with herbs and witchcraft

Witchcraft can be confusing, here is my collection of posts about the basics.

I will be linking the various posts of mine that relate to the basic understanding of Witchcraft and my path in particular. While some of this information may not be relevant or of interest to everyone, I hope that my explanations of what I consider foundational knowledge for anyone who wishes to delve into the fascinating world of witchcraft.

I also highly suggest doing further reading and research and not taking my words at face value; witchcraft is a unique experience and is a complex and ever-growing craft. As such, not everyone’s craft will look the same. If you disagree with something you know that is different, please let me know, and we can discuss it.

I have been focusing on Tarot, to begin with, as it is something I am currently learning, and I enjoy sharing that with you. I have a super long wheel of the year post that needs updated but has a variety of information and sources for you to look at and do your own research

Here are some links to other posts that you may find helpful.


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