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Samhain Planning

Hey there;

Sorry for the sudden and long lack of posts, summer picked up and then I started University. I had a lot going on and not only did the blog fall further and further down my priority list, but so did my beliefs and worship.

Now over a month into my first semester of third year, I am feeling the pressure of deadlines, but also am settling in nicely. Despite having picked up extra shifts at work for the next few weeks, I am feeling confident and excited to get back into the swing of blogging.

So leaving it pretty late this month, but on the  31st we have Samhain. This is a wonderful Sabbat and one I am excited to celebrate. For some Pagans Samhain is the Witches New Year. So I feel that it is a fitting time for me to reaffirm my beliefs.

So what is Samhain? Samhain was seen as the final harvest, and historically it is believed that anything harvested after this would bring bad luck, any crop left was seen as an offering to the Gods for a good harvest the following year.

There is, of course, a lot more information, and I have written more, along with a small collection of correspondences on my Wheel of the Year post.

I don’t have a lot planned considering I have a class first thing in the morning, but I would like to dress up a bit and make my time at Uni a little more special, I would also like to spend some time watching some scary films with my partner. But mostly? Mostly I am looking forward to spending time to do some magic, and feel the energy of the Sabbat, to try some new things, maybe do some Tarot.

I’m currently half-moved out of my family home, and n the process of trying to move my altars from there to the flat, but there isn’t a lot of space, so I think we’ll be clearing shelf of one of the bookshelves to give me that, which means I won’t be able to have separate altars for deities, but I’ll figure it out.

Aside from that, I’m planning on typing up and setting up an info/cheatsheet for Tarot cards, and I’ll work ahead with that so if I get busy I still have things to post (I hope).

Anyway, as always, I hope your day is as pleasant as you are.



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