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Pre-Lughnasadh Planning

Hey there;

So Lughnasadh/Lammas is coming up (only a few days to go!) and I’m super excited to be celebrating it. In this post, I’d like to talk about a few things, a brief summary of what the Sabbat is, what it means to me and what I’ll be doing for it.

So to start off, what is Lughnasadh? The short answer is it’s the celebration of the first harvest, celebrated on the 1st of August. The long answer can be found on my Wheel of the Year post.

To me, Lughnasadh has always been a time of giving thanks. Of spending time with people you care about. A time of enjoying the beauty of the world around you. When I was in primary school (aged 5-12) every year we would take the walk from the school to the church, it was maybe a ten to twenty-minute walk through the countryside and we always carried some sort of canned food which was to be given to those who needed it more than we did. At the time the significance of this was unimportant to me, I enjoyed the walk more than anything and more so looked forward to returning to the school in order to continue lessons.

Despite not fully understanding the significance of my actions, I am grateful for the experience as it allows me to remember that Lughnasadh (or Lammas as is more in line with what was being celebrated in the above anecdote) is a time of giving what you do not need, a time of reflecting on what you have and giving thanks for it. This gratitude is more than material, it is thanks for the people around you, thanks for the beauty of the world around you and thanks for the growth and development you have experienced.

Lughnasadh is also a time for reaping what you sowed. To me, this means it is a tine for gratitude but also of celebration and rest, a time to be thankful for what you have but also enjoy it.

Now this year I have begun planning before the day of the Sabbat as I am often prone to doing. My plans are just that – plans. Nothing is set in stone and I likely will change some things depending on how I’m feeling.

In the very early morning, I will be at home, during this time I will spend some time at my altar(s) and perhaps working on improving them, leaving an offering or two as well. Then I will be leaving to go to my partner’s home, as he is working in the morning I will likely spend that alone time to work some undecided magic, barring that I’ll likely do some housework or go for a wander down to the river nearby. Once my partner returns home we will be busting out the baking (not going to lie, neither of us are bakers so it won’t be from scratch) and we plan to make cinnamon swirls, brownies and likely something savoury as well – we may try our hands at baking bread as well! We will also likely make something else to eat as well – what exactly we haven’t decided.

Either way, it will be a day full of love, happiness and plenty of cooking.

Let me know what you guys are getting up to, I’m always excited to hear about how other people are celebrating.

I will be doing a write up afterwards and (if I remember) I’ll include photos.

I hope your day is as pleasant as you.



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