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Summer of Divining

Hey there;

Over the summer I am hoping to start developing my tarot knowledge as well as working on other divination techniques.

As it stands currently I do not have a tarot deck I can use and have been looking around for one I like and connect with but I haven’t found one. I have two I’m semi-interested in but I’m not sure if I connect with the artwork. If anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them for unique, fun and colourful decks.

Other divination I’d like to look into include; scrying- either water or fire I’m not sure yet. Pendulum – I have got a rose quartz pendulum I’ve never really used, so I’m going to start trying to connect and build a relationship with it. Runes – I’ve looked into the meaning of runes a few times and think it’s very interesting, however, I’m not sure about it, I might look into creating my own runes and giving it a shot.

Just a short update on my plans for the summer (witch-related at least). Have any of you any plans? Let me know below 🙂




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