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Colour Correspondence

Hey there;

While I was working on my Sabbat post and the correspondences there I decided I wanted to write a post about colour correspondences mainly because I always struggle to remember, so why not figure it out for myself?

Colour correspondences are important, at least to me, and I use them a lot in candle magic, as well in the colours I wear day-to-day and what my intention for that day is.

These are what I personally associate with each colour so it might not be exactly like other people’s but, to each their own right – this is but the basic rainbow (with pink) and different shades can have different meanings – I will likely go into more detail once I am more familiar with the basic colour correspondences.

Red | Passion, Energy, Strength, Courage/Bravery, Self-esteem, Work Ethic, Motivation, Confrontation, Desire,
Pink |Self Love, Success, Romance, Calmness, Exercise, Harmony, Friendship, Animals, Nurturing,
Orange|Kindness, alleviating symptoms of Depression, Happiness, increasing opportunities, Dominance, Creativity, Self-Expression, Harvest,
Yellow |Joy, Healing, Friendship, Productivity, Life, Success, Imagination, Inventiveness, Creativity, Sleep,
Green |Healing, Prosperity, Wealth, Career, Luck, Earth, Nature, Herbal magic, Tree magick, Peace, Harmony, Affection, Dating/relationship success,
Blue |Peace, Stillness, Wisdom, Communication, Meditation, Self-Improvement, Focus, Truth, Domestic harmony, Charity, Reading, Studying,
Purple |Spiritual, Change Luck, Healing Wounded Pride, Intelligence, Communication, Push past Procrastination, Ambition, Studying, Memory,

White |All Purpose, Safety, Protection, Health, Cleansing, Truth, Balance(alongside black), Relieving Shyness,

Black | Balance (alongside white), Grounding, Wisdom, Protection from Negativity, Repelling, Removing, Absorbing Energy, Pride, Divination, Scrying, Manifestation, Challenges, Tests, Binding,

That’s all for just now, I’ll be adding to this in time, let me know if there’s anything you would add or if you have any questions about my Correspondences.



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