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Safety PSA

Hey there;

There is a lot of potential dangers and safety issues around witchcraft and I want to address some of these here – I’ll either update this one to include more or have a few separate ones.

  • Don’t bury glass – either jars or anything else – glass can break and be dangerous – stick to more biodegradable items like paper instead.
  • Don’t leave candles burning unattended
  • If you have a strange reaction to something you burn or make – go to your doctor – your health is not something to brush off.
  • Be pet smart – research herbs and other items before burning or using them – a lot of things are not safe for your pets – this is more than just cats and dogs – don’t forget smaller pets that stay in cages because they can be just as affected.
  • Don’t burn anything in a poorly ventilated area – take care of your health.
  • Research everything first – some herbs interact badly with medications (for example St Johns Wort and Antidepressants are a bad mix) some crystals can be toxic – some herbs when burnt have smells that could have consequences. Don’t smoke any herbs without research – valerian root can cause your lungs to burn and yew would kill you.

Research everything before you do it. Use some common sense and your intuition. Think before you do something new. Take care of yourself and others around you.



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