My year in review

Hey there;

So it is coming up to the new year. So I thought I would write a sum up of 2017.

2017 was an odd year. It was very mixed for me it started off bad but got better as the year went on. There’s been ups and downs but as we approach the new year I feel the ups have a distinct advantage.

I started off 2017 in a bad place I was stressing about prelims and I hadn’t been able to enjoy the holidays. I spent most of my time alone and freaking out about the upcoming exams.

During prelims, I had all my prelims in a matter of three days. I ended up having a breakdown before the higher maths prelim and was taken out and sat in the milkbar crying and feeling out to my maths teacher. I sat the prelim the next week instead. I failed after two years of higher maths and extra help from my teacher with 32%.

For those who don’t know prelims are preliminary exams. Practice exams basically sat in the hall with fill exam conditions. The only difference: they are internally marked and the teacher makes them up. I didn’t do very well with any of my prelims but I passed them.

The reason I found these exams so stressful was because they were a good indicator of whether I would get into university or not. And with my results? I was not getting into university. And that broke me. All I wanted all I worked for was getting into university for psychology and anthropology.

Everything I did that school year was for getting into university. Every extracurricular activity I did was to make my CV look better. I took a college course about the energy sector because there was no final exam and it looked easy. And a college course sponsored by Shell? That was going to look amazing on a CV. I went to London with that course to volunteer at the Shell eco-marathon. Then I had two weeks of industrial experience at Shell. And I’m right it does look amazing on my CV.

But I still did not get into university. My conditional offer was 5 Bs. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Well, when you consider what subjects I was taking and the circumstances with some you’ll see why I wasn’t even close. I was taking higher maths (and as I mentioned earlier I am not good at maths) higher English (I was resisting after getting a C the year before) advanced higher modern studies (advanced highers are equivalent to 1st year university) advance higher history (for advanced highers you write a dissertation which is around 5000 words I wrote two) and higher politics (I did this course for two hours a week in class). I knew I wasn’t getting the grades and I was devastated. I ended up with a B in English, a C in History, Ds in politics and modern studies and an F in maths. Not even close. On the day I got my results my mum forced me to email and phone every university and college I could and apply to anything I could. I was crying and shouting the entire time. It was horrible. But at the end of it o was accepted into NESCOL college for a media and communications course. I had and have little to no interest in media. I was on the school newspaper but didn’t actually care about it.

Due to a mix-up, I missed the interviews and the induction day for the course. I did all of it the first day of the course. I walked into the class and freaked out. I knew no one. I sat awkwardly next to a girl and pulled out my phone. When the lecturer walked in a girl was following her she looked lost so I invited her to sit next to me. That girl was Stacey and she became my first friend. In the next few weeks, I got to know some of the girls. Then one day a guy turned to me and Stacey and asked for our Facebook accounts so he could add us to a college group. We did and that is how I met James.

This class and course soon because the best thing I experienced. I have been going out and seeing friends. I’ve been much happier and I’m far more relaxed. This course may not be what I want to do but I don’t regret it at all.

So here’s to 2018 where things will hopefully continue to improve.



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